EVELTHON Method © eBook


The EVELTHON Method © will help you understand where your business is today, and how to take it to the level where you want to take it. So, let’s begin the journey together. All you need is a pen and a writing pad (or your keyboard and computer screen), to write down the answers to the questions that will guide you to understand your business and its challenges better and to make your own decisions about its future.


EVELTHON Method © is a Fast, Quality, Low-Cost Consulting Method For Small Businesses invented by Mr. Evelthon G. Iacovides (a Cypriot business consultant/educator and co-founder of high-tech enterprises) to help small businesses worldwide (using authorized consultants and/or the Internet)

Small businesses (businesses employing 1-50 people) comprise 99% of businesses worldwide
Very small businesses (1-10 people) comprise 95% of businesses worldwide
These businesses need support from capable and qualified business consultants (ideally consultants who are founders/managers of their own businesses, and seasoned entrepreneurs themselves)
Currently, consulting support is either offered by governments or universities at no/low cost, but access to such support is bureaucratic and time-consuming

The EVELTHON Method ©

Designed specifically to help entrepreneurs quickly develop solutions to their current challenges
Plan their immediate actions for the next 3 months, and
Decide on their strategy for the next 12 months.


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